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Best Sultana Limited 

We are specialists in the supplying of sultana raisins to the UK market. We are directly supplying sultanas from our own factories to cut out the middle man. We are owned by ilkin co, the leading manufacturer and exporter of premium quality sultanas in Iran. After fabulous achievement and success in Russia and East European Market, now we are proudly in the UK to give our customers better services. We are different in quality than other Iranian Suppliers. We only supply premium quality with competitive price. "We do not supply Iranian Sultanas; we supply Iranian Premium Quality Sultanas"

We at the Best Sultana Limited strive to provide our clients the best quality sultana raisins with a competitive price. We are fully equipped to handle the smallest to largest of orders as quickly as possible through our just in time system. We are proud to be able supply different sizes of sultana raisins including small, medium, standard, and jumbo.

Sultanas can be used in the confectionery market, cereals, snacks, dairy industry, as well as salads and related products. 


New crop 2014 will be available soon, please contact us today


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